We are looking forward to a wonderful year in third grade! Please visit our website regularly for important updates and information.

Mrs. Souza

​Dates to Remember:

Tuesday, 8/13

   Meet the Teacher

Thursday, 8/15

First Day of School

Half Day

Wednesday, 8/21

Curriculum Night

Friday, 8/31

No School

Contact me:

(847) 634-3144 xx3004
  • If your child is going home differently than 'the norm', please send a note in to school in the morning.                             

  • If you call in to the office to pick up your child and he/she usually goes to Clubhouse, you also need to contact Clubhouse.                         


Class Expectations

Please visit the District Website to learn more about what we will be learning in third grade. 

We want our classroom to be a place we can feel safe, respected and filled with learning. Visit the class expectation page to learn more about the expectations for room 4! These expectations help us be successful in our learning! 



If you choose to bring a treat to celebrate your child's birthday, please ensure that the item is from the Safe Snack List. 


Are you curious to know what kind of homework third graders get?